Research in the Kim lab is focused on developing computer algorithms and statistical methods
that enable accurate and rapid analysis of biological data, in particular sequencing data.
In collaboration with the Salzberg lab and the Langmead lab at Johns Hopkins, the software
systems developed in the lab include several widely used programs such as TopHat2, HISAT,
, and Centrifuge. Recently the lab released HISAT-genotype, the first and only
program capable of HLA-typing, full-length HLA gene assembly, and novel HLA allele discovery
using whole-genome sequencing data. HISAT-genotype has the potential to accurately analyze
an individual’s genome and its >20,000 genes within a few hours on a desktop computer.

The Kim lab is located on the 4th floor of the E-building (E4.350) in the Bioinformatics
Department on UT Southwestern’s South Campus.


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